What’s Hiding Behind Breakfast: Parenting Insecurities


Every morning I lay on a huge breakfast. I’m talking the full works; watermelon, apple, strawberries, grapes, toast, jam, marmite, honey, porridge, eggs, sausages, bacon, juice, and of course, coffee! Behind this breakfast are a whole host of parenting insecurities, though. Continue reading “What’s Hiding Behind Breakfast: Parenting Insecurities”

I Wasn’t Born To Be A Mum: Learning Every Day

Were any of us really born to be a mum? We're great at knowing our own faults, but how good are we at celebrating the things we are good at? Parenthood is crazy hard a lot of the time, and some days we deserve a pat on the back!

I wasn’t born to be a mum. Every now and then, you come across someone who you feel like has all their shit together, and who seems to just have this parenting thing down. For some reason among my friends I am that person. Continue reading “I Wasn’t Born To Be A Mum: Learning Every Day”

The PND Curse

PND Curse

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There is a long history of PND and physical abuse in my family; my mum, her mum, her mum’s mum, and likely further back too. I have spent a huge chunk of my life being told that I would be the one to ‘break the cycle’ and that things would be different for me. My mum has always had this theory that the issues within our family centre around the first born female. I know, sounds like a Cinderella curse, doesn’t it?! Continue reading “The PND Curse”