5 Ways Being in Foster Care Shaped my Parenting

5 wasy being in foster care shaped my parenting


Those of you who have read about my family PND Curse (which I thankfully escaped) will probably not be surprised that I spent a fair chunk of my childhood in the care of various foster families and people who weren’t my parents (in the strictest sense of the word). Continue reading “5 Ways Being in Foster Care Shaped my Parenting”

10 Lies I Tell My Kids: Recognise Any?!

We all do it right? I’m not the first to come up with a list, and I certainly won’t be the last! I often feel guilty (another one to add to the mum guilt list) when I tell Amelia little white lies, and more often than not now she is catching me out.

Let me know if you recognise any of the following! Continue reading “10 Lies I Tell My Kids: Recognise Any?!”

The PND Curse

PND Curse

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There is a long history of PND and physical abuse in my family; my mum, her mum, her mum’s mum, and likely further back too. I have spent a huge chunk of my life being told that I would be the one to ‘break the cycle’ and that things would be different for me. My mum has always had this theory that the issues within our family centre around the first born female. I know, sounds like a Cinderella curse, doesn’t it?! Continue reading “The PND Curse”

I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon

My Name is Leon emotional

I did something this week that I haven’t done for a really long time. I read an actual book, from start to finish! I had no idea when I opened the front cover that by the end of the day I would already be half way through, and by the end of 3 days I would have finished the whole thing! And I had no idea when I started that within minutes I would be reduced to a blubbering emotional wreck. Because that is just not me! Continue reading “I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon”