28 Days of Happy – COMPLETE!

For those of you who read my previous post, you will know that for the last 28 days I have set myself the goal of writing down one thing every day which makes me happy. Although it was sometimes a huge challenge, and even when I wasn’t ok, I got there! And here are my 28 days.

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8 Baby Products You Can Use in Surprising Ways| MummyMamaMum

Over the last (nearly) 3 years of parenting, I have discovered surprising and brilliant uses for baby products other than their intended use. I hope you find them as useful as I have!

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How I Have Lost 2.5 Stone with Slimming World| MummyMamaMum

I joined Slimming World in August 2015, weighing nearly 14.5 stone. It wasn’t the biggest I have ever been, but it was the lowest I have ever felt about my weight. After a really shitty year I had piled on weight, living on takeaways and junk food and barely fitting into any of my clothes. What did fit made me feel frumpy and fat, and I had zero self-confidence.

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28 Days of Happy| MummyMamaMum

January can be a really tough month, and as the end of the month (pay-daaaaaaaaay!) approaches I have been thinking a lot about happiness. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the shit parts of life, especially at this time of year. The high of Christmas has dissipated, the funds available in my bank have equally dissipated, the house is bare of all the sparkle that came with December (seriously, my face when the Christmas tree arrived!) and life is back to normal, monotonous days filled with washing, de-cluttering post Christmas, still trying to find homes for all the new toys that don’t involve making my house look like a pre-school on hallucinogenic drugs.

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