Going Back To Work: Easy Midweek Recipes

Back to Work Easy Midweek Recipes Dolmio

I’m always after quick and easy recipes that the whole family will eat, and with me returning to work at the end of March I’ve been worrying quite a lot about keeping up with all of the fresh, home cooked meals we have been enjoying. So when Dolmio sent us the ingredients for a quick midweek spaghetti Bolognese I was intrigued to see if it would work for us, taking into account all of our likes, dislikes, and dietary needs. Continue reading “Going Back To Work: Easy Midweek Recipes”

Is Mum Guilt Talking to You?| MummyMamaMum

Screw You Mum Guilt

I had an interesting conversation (virtual, obviously!) with a fellow mother this week. The more I am blogging, the more I am finding that people I know, used to know, have worked with over the years etc are reaching out to say that they relate to what I am writing about. This is a bit of a catch 22 for me, because obviously I am glad that people are relating to my posts. But it also makes me quite sad that there are mums out there feeling like shit and not really talking to anyone about it, or worse thinking that they are the only one feeling that way. Continue reading “Is Mum Guilt Talking to You?| MummyMamaMum”

Pregnant For A Year And A Half| MummyMamaMum

When it comes up, I often laugh and light-heartedly declare “Yeah, I was basically pregnant for like a year-and-a-half!” like it’s no big thing.

But the more time goes by, the more I realise that it is a big thing. It was big thing to me then, and it is a big thing to me now. And it might be a big thing to you too, whether it be right now, some time ago, or in the future.

Continue reading “Pregnant For A Year And A Half| MummyMamaMum”