My Mother’s Day Wish List| MummyMamaMum

There is a bit of a disagreement in our household over what constitutes a Mother’s Day gift. If Mr C had his way, he’d spend an absolute packet on haircuts, manicures and spa treatments. Maybe it’s his way of hinting that I look a bit rough?!

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Pregnant For A Year And A Half| MummyMamaMum

When it comes up, I often laugh and light-heartedly declare “Yeah, I was basically pregnant for like a year-and-a-half!” like it’s no big thing.

But the more time goes by, the more I realise that it is a big thing. It was big thing to me then, and it is a big thing to me now. And it might be a big thing to you too, whether it be right now, some time ago, or in the future.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby| MummyMamaMum

Do you remember the last time you had really noisy, sweaty, all-over-the-house sex? Do you remember the last time you kissed your other half – not a peck, or a quick goodnight, but a proper snog, tongues and all?! Do you remember the last time you walked down the street together holding hands?

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I’m on Mum Strike

I’m currently sitting on Amelia’s bedroom floor with a luke-warm cup of coffee typing this post on my phone, because she doesn’t want to got to sleep by herself, so clearly I am not on any kind of strike at all… But I really want to be!

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