Gentle Parenting: The Calm Down Corner

Gentle Parenting Calm Down

I’ve never really liked the idea of the naughty step. It’s always kind of seemed to me like banishing a child for having emotions. Sometimes, though, removal from a situation isn’t a bad lesson to learn; in the adult world certain behaviours will actually get you banished from places. Some behaviours will get you segregated from the rest of the world for a long time, some will just get you chucked out of the pub. Either way, banishment is a real consequence for real actions in the real world. Probably a bit harsh for a 3-year-old, though, at least in its purest form. Continue reading “Gentle Parenting: The Calm Down Corner”

Individuality: Is My Child An Extension Of Me?

Individuality Is My Child An Extension Of Me

I’ve been thinking about the freedom I give my kids to be individual, to be themselves, and to express themselves. On the whole, I think I do this pretty well, but then I started thinking about the things I’m not so great at letting go of. And then of course there’s the other side to the argument; should I be entirely responsible for their actions, good bad and ugly? And actually, how much do I want praise for the things that they do? Continue reading “Individuality: Is My Child An Extension Of Me?”