Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby| MummyMamaMum

Do you remember the last time you had really noisy, sweaty, all-over-the-house sex? Do you remember the last time you kissed your other half – not a peck, or a quick goodnight, but a proper snog, tongues and all?! Do you remember the last time you walked down the street together holding hands?

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I’m on Mum Strike

I’m currently sitting on Amelia’s bedroom floor with a luke-warm cup of coffee typing this post on my phone, because she doesn’t want to got to sleep by herself, so clearly I am not on any kind of strike at all… But I really want to be!

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28 Days of Happy – COMPLETE!

For those of you who read my previous post, you will know that for the last 28 days I have set myself the goal of writing down one thing every day which makes me happy. Although it was sometimes a huge challenge, and even when I wasn’t ok, I got there! And here are my 28 days.

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Busy Bags and Beyond| MummyMamaMum


I have always tried to do  lots of crafting and activities with Amelia, but now that Wills has joined our little family the time that I used to have to devote to crafting and playing with her has significantly dwindled. I make a point of carving out time in the day for her, but there are times when it just isn’t possible. It felt awful to keep having to tell her “Mummy’s busy right now”, “I just need to sort William out”, or “Not right now, I’m making dinner”. So I have put together a few activities for her that I know will keep her busy for those short periods of time when I can’t interact with her fully. As well as being fun and distracting, most of these activities also have an educational value, which is something that is important to me.

As you will see, none of these activities require any special kind of artistic skill (check out my not-so-brilliant puppets!), and I literally managed to throw them all together in one evening. So instead of telling the kids “I can’t right now” why not try “Would you like to choose a busy bag?”

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