Spanish Army Omelette| MummyMamaMum

So named because this is sort of a Spanish omelette (it has potato in it so that totally counts) and it will feed an army if you need it to. Cook as one big omelette for a quick an easy meal, or spray a muffin tin to make individual omelette muffins which are ideal for lunches. Totally freeze-able, simply grab a portion out of the freezer and chuck in the fridge until defrosted, eat cold or warm through in the microwave.

This is my go-to meal for days when I can’t be arsed to cook properly or the fridge is bare!

Serves 4-6

£3.11 for the whole meal
78p per person*

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4 Things They Won’t Tell You About Having a Baby| MummyMamaMum

We are a pretty honest and open society now, and with the massive online community only growing, there’s a wealth of information, advice and tips out there if you want to find it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, and there are hundreds of times I think “why did people tell me this would be shit?!” but there are some real things that really will happen that you might just wish someone like me had warned you about.

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