I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon

My Name is Leon emotional

I did something this week that I haven’t done for a really long time. I read an actual book, from start to finish! I had no idea when I opened the front cover that by the end of the day I would already be half way through, and by the end of 3 days I would have finished the whole thing! And I had no idea when I started that within minutes I would be reduced to a blubbering emotional wreck. Because that is just not me! Continue reading “I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon”

Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen

Birthday Party Prep

This week I’ve been preparing for Amelia’s 3rd birthday party. Initially, we weren’t going to have a party because, let’s face it, she’s 3, and the likelihood of her looking back in years to come and saying

“Yeah, I totally remember when you threw me that really expensive party for my 3rd birthday. That party, like, shaped my childhood, man”

is pretty slim. But, for reasons I’ll go into another time, we decided that we would throw her a party, and actually I think we got a pretty good deal on a local soft play centre. Continue reading “Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen”

Motherhood: I Don’t Belong

Ever since I had my first child I have had this feeling of being left out of the motherhood world a little bit, of not really fitting in. I didn’t really get the whole Mum squad thing, and I didn’t feel like I belonged in this new world. A big part of me, if I’m honest, didn’t really want to fit into the world of motherhood. That’s not to say I didn’t want to be a Mum, I just didn’t want to redefine myself entirely around motherhood. Continue reading “Motherhood: I Don’t Belong”

Sleep Training: Have We Been Brainwashed?

I happened across a blog post this week reacting to a recent episode of Panorama which was centred around sleep training.

On first read, the article really hit some nerves with me, as it tackled some points that I have often thought about and regretted, in terms of how I dealt with Amelia’s sleep. I went back to read the post later in the day, and while I still agreed with lots of points the post made, there were a few points that I didn’t entirely agree with. Continue reading “Sleep Training: Have We Been Brainwashed?”