Sleep Training: Don’t Wake The Baby!

When it comes to kids and their sleep pretty much all of us are on the constant lookout for that magical sleepy formula, aren’t we?! I want to start by saying that when it comes to you and your kids I literally couldn’t care less what you do, as long as it works for you! Sleep training, no sleep training, putting baby down with a bottle (guilty), gradual retreat, crawling in next to your toddler, hand holding, co-sleeping – whatever! As long as all of you are getting some kind of sleep, high five to ya! Continue reading “Sleep Training: Don’t Wake The Baby!”

Awkward Shit My 3 Year Old Asks: Why Is My Mini Wet?

Awkward Shit My 3 Year Old Asks

I suppose it’s fairly lucky that when it comes to my kids I don’t really have a filter. Does anyone?! After a pretty hilarious (erring on troubling) few days of trying to give my 3-year-old the answer to her above awkward question, I got to thinking about all the other awkward shit she has started to ask now her vocabulary is allowing her to literally vocalise her every thought. There are loads I could go into (as I ‘m sure you can imagine!) and maybe I will in the future. For now, I’ll focus on this one… Continue reading “Awkward Shit My 3 Year Old Asks: Why Is My Mini Wet?”