My Day Done The Right Way

My Day Right Way

Recently I’ve developed a bit of an alter-ego; totally in my head of course! The Mum in my head (let’s go nuts and call her Aleena A, I’ll be Aleena B) starts every morning at 5:45. She gets up, has coffee and puts her porridge on the hob to cook on a low heat while she skilfully uses this time to wash, cleanse, moisturise, tone, apply make-up and do her hair.
Aleena A eats her breakfast while sipping a cup of coffee and checking on her blog. Just as she finishes the last spoonful of porridge, Amelia tiptoes into the room and she hears Wills begin to stir. Continue reading “My Day Done The Right Way”

Back To Work: Full of Fear of Failing

Full of Fear of Failing

I’ve been getting prepared for going back to work for some time now. From meal planning to talking through with Mr C how our routine will need to adapt once I’m back. We’ve covered all bases; how we will all get to the right places at the right times, when we will do household chores like grocery shopping, family times carved out, time scheduled for batch cooking for the week ahead, and everything in between. Continue reading “Back To Work: Full of Fear of Failing”

Motherhood: I Don’t Belong

Ever since I had my first child I have had this feeling of being left out of the motherhood world a little bit, of not really fitting in. I didn’t really get the whole Mum squad thing, and I didn’t feel like I belonged in this new world. A big part of me, if I’m honest, didn’t really want to fit into the world of motherhood. That’s not to say I didn’t want to be a Mum, I just didn’t want to redefine myself entirely around motherhood. Continue reading “Motherhood: I Don’t Belong”