Stress Free Mamahood: Choose Happiness

Stress Free Mamahood Choose Happiness

One of my all time favourite films is Trainspotting, and I was thinking about that famous quote (y’know, the “choose life” one) a lot today. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing my life to that of a heroin addict (unless you count coffee as the ultimate drug?!) But I do find that whenever big life choices come my way, my brain automatically takes itself back to my student days, which were mostly spent smoking cheap roll-ups and watching Trainspotting waiting for the epic end scene! Continue reading “Stress Free Mamahood: Choose Happiness”

New Mum: A Letter To You

New Mum A Letter To You
The Pramshed


Dear Amanda*

It broke my heart to see you crying today. But also, I was glad. I was glad that you let it all out, and I was glad that you could be so honest and open about how you’re feeling.

The last time I saw you, you were about 20 weeks pregnant. You were nervous, as all expectant mums would be. With a young child already, you knew that things might be difficult sometimes with a new baby, and we laughed about my own trials and tribulations with 2 small kids! In hindsight, I wish I had told you how emotional the first few months had been for me. I wish I had told you that there will be days when it all just feels a little bit… well, shit. Continue reading “New Mum: A Letter To You”