Social Anxiety: What Will The Neighbours Think?

Social Anxiety Neighbours

Since we moved into the new house 3 weeks ago there’s been little time for pretty much anything other than getting settled and unpacked. Now that the majority of the big work is done and things are calming down we are settling nicely into our new routine, in our new home, in a brand new area. My thoughts have turned to what happens when the summer is over. What happens when I really have to start integrating into the community. Continue reading “Social Anxiety: What Will The Neighbours Think?”

5 Ways To Stay Sane At Home With The Kids: Checking Myself

A lot changed when we moved last month, not least the fact that I’m now at home 24/7 with the kids. This isn’t entirely new to me, but in a way it’s very new. I spent 7 months at home on maternity leave with Amelia when she was born, and I was out of work for 6 weeks when she  was around 15 months. I also spent 10 months at home on maternity leave when William was first born. The big difference this time around is that I am at home full time with both of the kids. Continue reading “5 Ways To Stay Sane At Home With The Kids: Checking Myself”

Talking Shit: “Mummy It’s A Bad Poo”

Talking Shit Chronic Constipation

One of the things that happens when you become a parent is that you suddenly find yourself talking about shit… a lot. Never do you talk more about crap than when you have a small child. You find yourself marvelling at just how much can come out of such a small being, wondering if it’s the right colour, the right consistency. And that’s all after the first “what the hell is that?!” poo… Continue reading “Talking Shit: “Mummy It’s A Bad Poo””