I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon

My Name is Leon emotional

I did something this week that I haven’t done for a really long time. I read an actual book, from start to finish! I had no idea when I opened the front cover that by the end of the day I would already be half way through, and by the end of 3 days I would have finished the whole thing! And I had no idea when I started that within minutes I would be reduced to a blubbering emotional wreck. Because that is just not me! Continue reading “I’m An Emotional Wreck: My Name is Leon”

Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen

Birthday Party Prep

This week I’ve been preparing for Amelia’s 3rd birthday party. Initially, we weren’t going to have a party because, let’s face it, she’s 3, and the likelihood of her looking back in years to come and saying

“Yeah, I totally remember when you threw me that really expensive party for my 3rd birthday. That party, like, shaped my childhood, man”

is pretty slim. But, for reasons I’ll go into another time, we decided that we would throw her a party, and actually I think we got a pretty good deal on a local soft play centre. Continue reading “Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen”

How I Broke the Internet| MummyMamaMum

How I Broke The Internet

Over the last few weeks I’ve read post after post about the wonders of ‘going self hosted‘. All of them assured me that even though it was quite a scary process, and has its difficult elements, it’s not really that bad after all. Being something I knew I definitely wanted to do, I scheduled myself a couple of hours, got the hosting sorted out and set about exporting and importing content from my old wordpress.com site to my new, self-hosted site.

Continue reading “How I Broke the Internet| MummyMamaMum”