Social Anxiety: What Will The Neighbours Think?

Social Anxiety Neighbours

Since we moved into the new house 3 weeks ago there’s been little time for pretty much anything other than getting settled and unpacked. Now that the majority of the big work is done and things are calming down we are settling nicely into our new routine, in our new home, in a brand new area. My thoughts have turned to what happens when the summer is over. What happens when I really have to start integrating into the community. Continue reading “Social Anxiety: What Will The Neighbours Think?”

Cerebral Palsy: Gemma & Raife’s Pirate Party

Cerebral Palsy Raising For Raife

Cerebral Palsy awareness is something I care very much about, and is something that has affected our family in various ways. Mr C has cerebral palsy in his right side, and while his case is fairly mild it has meant that he has always had to find alternative ways to do things. When I first fell pregnant, he was exceptionally nervous about how he would cope with life with a baby. Continue reading “Cerebral Palsy: Gemma & Raife’s Pirate Party”

Unique Wedding Gifts They’ll Love: Uncommon Goods

Unique Wedding Gifts They'll Love

Buying wedding gifts these days is really bloody hard, isn’t it?! 20 years ago it was easy; something for the new house, something practical or pretty, or some cool new gadget. Fast forward to now and we’ve been living together for years before we get married, so most of that stuff we already have pretty well covered. Being a lover of all things quirky and original, I was intrigued when UncommonGoods suggested I check out their selection for my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding. Continue reading “Unique Wedding Gifts They’ll Love: Uncommon Goods”

Simple Gestures: Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying the Words – Guest post

Simple Gestures To Say I Love You

I wrote a few weeks ago about creating date nights at home for those of us stuck at home with the kids most evenings. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to just be in love. So today I’m handing over to Katya from Mumsy & Bub who has some brilliant tips on doing just that – remembering to be in love! Continue reading “Simple Gestures: Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying the Words – Guest post”