Hi, I’m Aleena, lifelong rebel and scanner 😉 Although I haven’t always known it. In fact, in the grand scheme of my life (it feels like that’s been going on foooorever…) I’ve only recently found out. What I do know is that the realisation that I am both a scanner and a rebel was literally a game changer for me.

I got as far as a placement in a school before moving on from the idea of teaching. Despite being passionate about teaching, I just couldn’t bear the idea of being constrained by what I feel are outdated and archaic teaching ‘rules’. My family thought I was giving up on my dream.

For a while I ran pubs, which I suppose fed my scanner type nature (because no two days were ever quite the same) and also allowed the rebel part of me to shine; I was the youngest manager ever for my company at 22, and the most successful in my area 3 years running, despite being with the company for the shortest time. I so loved proving them all wrong!

After I had my kids, I changed career completely and completed an early years childcare qualification. When I was pregnant with my son, I decided to start a blog.

Two and half-years later, I now run a successful virtual assistance business, this site, and co-run a Facebook group which gives free tech help to mostly) female bloggers. Using the tech knowledge I taught myself when I started blogging. I’m also a GDPR and MailChimp expert…

The Rebel Diaries exclusive club...

Figuring out my personality type(s) has allowed me to embrace and adapt so many areas of my life for the better. I’m able to be more focused when I need to be, I’ve been able to start and successfully maintain businesses from home, working around my children.

Not only that, but I’ve been able to do all of this by embracing my personality types, not battling against them. And I can help you do the same 😉 If you’re ready to embrace your own rebel or scanner (or both) personality, just click the link below and let’s get started.