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Just in case we haven’t met before, I’m Aleena, aka Mummy Mama Mum (because my kids call me all three without so much as a breath in between).

A few years ago I started thinking about all the pressure and guilt involved with being a 21st century mama (funnily enough, this happened around the time I had my first kid. Coincidence, huh..?)

And that’s how this little space of guilt free, stress free, pressure free mamahood came to be.

But then I started to miss the business world, and the blog grew and changed with me.

So now I’m here, not only helping you get rid of all the guilt and pressure involved with modern mamahood, but sharing exactly how you can be a successful solo biz or blog owner right there from your sofa with your kids at your ankles.

Not because it’s easy, but because we can be successful while still being the best damn Mamas we can be!


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Stressed out mamas!

It’s time to chill out!

I know how you’re feeling, in fact I know exactly how you’re feeling!

Let me help you banish the guilt & pressure to be perfect, wind down and chill out.

Mamahood doesn’t have to be this stressful.

I promise you, there IS another way!