• Relaxed Parenting Doesn't Mean I Don't Care

    Relaxed Parenting: Does It Mean I Don’t Care?!

    I come up against this quite a lot, especially when I’m out with the kids. My family get how we parent, Mr C’s family get how we parent, our friends get how we parent. Not only do they get it, almost all of them agree that for the most part, the way we parent seems to work. I’m by no stretch of the imagination saying that we are amazing parents; far from it! I’m also not suggesting that ours is the only way – every single one of us, every family, every child, every person’s needs, is different. But the way that we choose to parent works for us, and…

  • Create A Blog Schedule

    Creating A Blog Schedule: Finding My Lost Blog MoJo!

    A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to visit their Grandad at his caravan in Hastings. I hadn’t really planned on taking a break from the blog for the weekend, and in fact I had every intention of keeping up with my usual blog schedule while we were away. This might sound crazy, but in reality my blog schedule isn’t overly huge at the weekends anyway. I only post on weekdays, and usually keep the weekends free for family time.

  • Ragtag Risotto Lets Get Cooking

    Ragtag Risotto: Let’s Get Cooking!

    Ragtag Risotto is so named because you can pretty much throw anything into it that you have to hand! Risotto is an ideal family meal, perfect for first eaters, young children, and grown ups alike. Now that Amelia is a little older, this is one that I like to get her involved with cooking too. Wills often eats a huge portion of this – even his Grandma was flabbergasted when he polished off an entire portion that I had left for him when she babysat recently! You don’t have to stick to the ingredients I have listed, and I often don’t depending on what we have in the fridge and…

  • Losing A Best Friend The Kids Are Moving Too

    Losing A Best Friend: The Kids Are Moving Too!

    It’s no secret that we are moving soon (less than 2 weeks to go now), and I have talked a lot about the ups and downs of organising a huge move. At the end of July we will be moving as a family to a new home just over 100 miles from where we live now. Lots of things are inevitably going to change for us as a family, nearly all of them for the better. Not only are we moving to a more affordable part of the country (bye bye beloved London taaaahn), we are going to have more space than we’ve ever had, more access to green space,…

  • Holidays With Kids Caravan

    Holidays With Kids: Our Caravan Weekend

    We are very lucky that Mr C’s dad decided that he wanted to retire to a caravan this year. Literally, he sold his house, bought a caravan in Hastings, and now lives his days chilling out in his very cool not-so-little den! What this means for us is that we pretty much have the perfect family holiday destination ready made for almost whenever we fancy a break!