Life After Maternity Leave: Month One

Life After Maternity Leave

I’ve officially completed my fifth week since returning to work after maternity with my second child. At least, I think it’s the fifth week, I’ve sort of lost track of the weeks… and days… and… what was I saying? Continue reading “Life After Maternity Leave: Month One”

5 Ingenious Ways To Be Supermum: Faking It!

Please forgive me, but I’m going to put this out there; you’re not Supermum, so stop trying to be! I don’t mean this in a “you’re a shit mum” kind of way, in fact I man the opposite of that! Confused yet?! Continue reading “5 Ingenious Ways To Be Supermum: Faking It!”

Birthday Cards: To Keep Or Not To Keep?

Birthday card craft

As with any 3 -year-old, Amelia got a ton of cards for her 3rd birthday last month. Not only did she get a ton of cards, but she also got quite attached to a few of them. One of them even had to go to bed with her a few times. With Mr C’s birthday upon us this weekend, we have broached taking Amelia’s cards down from display with her. Naturally her response was a resounding “NO!” Continue reading “Birthday Cards: To Keep Or Not To Keep?”

Sometimes My Kids Are Bastards, And That’s Ok!

Reading back through a text conversation between myself and a close mate, I’m a little bit concerned that other people don’t talk about their kids the way that we do. Or maybe they do, and just haven’t chosen to announce it all over the internet? Continue reading “Sometimes My Kids Are Bastards, And That’s Ok!”