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Child Development

These days it can begin to feel as though you need some serious qualifications to keep up with your children and everything that is expected of you as a parent. Not least of these expectations is knowing every step of your child’s development, how to encourage their development, what milestones they should be hitting and when, and what to do if they don’t. So here is the lowdown on what you really need to know about your child’s development.

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Is Mum Guilt Talking to You?| MummyMamaMum

Screw You Mum Guilt

I had an interesting conversation (virtual, obviously!) with a fellow mother this week. The more I am blogging, the more I am finding that people I know, used to know, have worked with over the years etc are reaching out to say that they relate to what I am writing about. This is a bit of a catch 22 for me, because obviously I am glad that people are relating to my posts. But it also makes me quite sad that there are mums out there feeling like shit and not really talking to anyone about it, or worse thinking that they are the only one feeling that way. Continue reading “Is Mum Guilt Talking to You?| MummyMamaMum”