• Happy Birthday, You Grumpy Old Git

    It’s my Grandad’s birthday today. He passed away on the 6th October 2015, and the hole that he has left in all of our lives is a deep one, but none more so than my beautiful Nan, who will never feel quite the same without her Teddy Boy by her side.   My grandparents raised not only all of their own children, but also myself and my brother for a huge chunk of our lives. What they did for us, so selflessly, and at a time in their lives when the last thing they should have been thinking about was raising small children, is something that has penetrated every part of…

  • How I Lost 2.5 Stone with Slimming World

    I have been overweight pretty much my whole life and tried every fad diet there is going, and for a long time I had the attitude that I was just naturally bigger and anyone who didn't like that could do one! It was a all a bit of a front, and I remember wishing I could wear the latest trends without looking like a blimp, and feeling self-conscious around my slimmer mates.

  • I’m Not OK

    I need a f***ing break. I know that I need a break when I am displaying none of the qualities desirable in a half-decent parent.